A facelift is said to be rejuvenation, but it is only superficial. It involves the removal of sections of the skin, pulling the remainder of the skin tight and possibly shortening underlying muscles to hold the skin in place. No real rejuvenation takes place, but rather, creating the “appearance” of rejuvenation. There is no change at the cellular level and only cosmetic change to the skin. 

BiON’s skin rejuvenation products deal with causing changes at the cellular level of the skin, and those changes improve the functions of the skin and then the appearance.

Malfunction at the cellular level becomes collective as we age which leads to progressive malfunction of the skin as an organ. In time, the skin’s micro vascular system begins to break down due to blockage, breaks, leaks, etc. The loss of small feder vessels has a major impact in escalating the skin’s aging process because the skin receives less nutrients, proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, protective antioxidants, oxygen and so on. This reduces the cells’ ability to function and, subsequently, the skin’s ability to perform its various maintenance, protective, immune and reparative processes. To achieve visible rejuvenation benefits, attention must be given to rebuilding the skin’s micro vascular system.

Vitamin A is highly involved in the process of repairing and rejuvenating the skin. Vitamin A is able to stimulate enhancement of the skin’s micro vascular system. Research has been published on the actions of vitamin A within the skin. In one study an 89% increase of the micro vascular system was achieved after six months of vitamin A daily application. Twelve months after discontinuing the vitamin A treatments, 23% of the beneficial effects still remained. The benefits of vitamin A can be seen in the improved healthful appearance of the skin and its color, and this reflects the skin’s improved health.

An initial strategy in skin rejuvenation should be improving the vascular integrity of the skin because this will allow the skin, as an organ (and cell by cell), to react more effectively to other forms of rejuvenation stimulation. In short, the skin must have the materials, the energy and the oxygen to perform the desired processes. If the skin has restrictions on its capacity, then the results of repair stimulation will be equally as restricted.

The skin’s calcium content regulates cell differentiation (and cell division) and controls the thickness of the epidermis. High concentrations of upper epidermal calcium thereby cause rapid cell turnover and low concentrations of upper epidermal calcium cause slow cell turnover. Cell turnover can be upregulated by increasing upper epidermal calciu and BiON’s Bio-Essence Nighttime CAlcium Complex produces this result. lWhen calcium application is used in conjunction with peeling or microdermabrasion, resurfacing of the skin is faster and more profound. Conversely, resurfacing procedures on patients with low skin calcium content is slow and ineffectual.

As a second skin function, calcium regulates normal skin color by stimulating melanocytes which are pigment producing cells. Thirdly, calcium regulates lipid barrier processes. Peeling, microdermabrasion and cold winter weather strip the skin’s moisture barrier. High calcium content in the upper epidermis helps maintain continual and efficient barrier functions. Patients with dry skin, or dry skin due to weather, respond well to topical calcium treatment. In the case of microdermabrasion, Bio-Essence Nighttime Calcium Complex can significantly reduce the dryness that is typical with this procedure and increase cell turnover simultaneously.

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has observed that people with low skin calcium content experience greater premature aging of the skin and greater incidence of skin cancer. People with high skin calcium content experience less premature skin aging and less incidence of skin cancer. These observations were the reasons for their interest in calcium and their research produced much of the above information.

Muscular contractions are responsible for horizontal lines across the forehead, vertical lines between the brows and multiple vertical and diagonal lines in the eye and mouth areas. Repeated muscle contractions over time create lines in the soft tissue of the skin. Injections with Botox (for example) paralyze the muscles and in time the lines frequently subside or even disappear. As the effects of the Botox disappear, the lines reappear and injections must be repeated to retain the smooth appearance of the skin. BiON’s Line Reducing Complex contains acetyl hexapeptide-3, which relaxes muscle contractions within minutes of application. It does not paralyze muscles like Botox, but reduces muscle contractions. In testing, acetyl hexapeptide-3 reduced wrinkle depth by 27% after 30 days of daily use.