Microneedling is a method of inducing your skin to produce more collagen.

Your skin naturally produces collagen to keep it firm, smooth, and youthful looking.

As you age the production of collagen in your skin gradually diminishes.

By creating micro channels in the skin, microneedling stimulates collagen production.

Tia’s Esthetics uses the Derm Roller microneedling method for its gentle efficacy. You may feel a slight prickly sensation during the procedure.

No pain. No down-time. It may take a series of treatments for your skin to fully respond.

Tia’s Esthetics offers savings for you by purchasing a series of 6 microneedling treatments.

Disclaimer: No treatment is guaranteed to achieve your desired results. Your skin may respond differently than expected. Tia’s Esthetics can help you achieve healthier skin. By following good health practices, home care recommendations and receiving professional treatments, the condition of your skin will improve over time.