You know that feeling you get when you can’t help smiling? Give yourself permission to enjoy being happy and smile your heart out.

A bright white smile can help you look years younger and improve your overall appearance and attractiveness. Give yourself the confidence edge you’ve been looking for.

Laser teeth whitening is a method of whitening that uses a concentrated source of blue light to quickly and effectively whiten your teeth.

Blue light has been known to provide some germicidal effects, produce little heat and in combination with the teeth whitening solution quickly produce a whitening effect.

The blue light will activate the whitening solution for quick results.

The whitening process will continue after treatment for 24 hours.

A maximum of two 15 minute treatments back to back is recommended for the most whitening effect at your first visit.

You may want a refresher session after 4 to 6 weeks. Refresher sessions include one 15 minute treatment. You will want to avoid eating or drinking staining or dark liquids for 48 hours after treatment. These can include berries, coffee, cola, wine, etc.

Disclaimer: No treatment is guaranteed to achieve your desired results. Your teeth and gums may respond differently than expected. You should seek out a reputable dentist for tooth and gum problems.