high frequency facial


After the development of a high-frequency current coil generator patented and improved by Nikola Tesla, scientists sought for medical uses of high-frequency currents. The vacuum electrode developed by Frederick Finch Strong, and used in combination with Tesla’s High-frequency current also known as the Violet Ray, was promoted for use in medical establishments as

“the most important contribution to Electro-therapeutic Technic since the advent of the High-frequency Current.” (Strong, 1908, p. 175)

Strong teamed up with Earle Lewis Ovington to make a range of glass tubes for use with their Static Induction and High-Frequency Apparatus. In 1903 the machine and electrodes were put on the market by the Electro-Radiation Company of Boston. By the 1920s enough types of glass electrodes had been developed for use on almost any part of the body. High-frequency treatments were performed in medical, dental, and beauty salons. During the depression years of the 1930s, these units were still having good sales. It was called the RenuLife Violet Ray and was advertized as treatment a number of ailments in 1919 such as:

Abscesses, Baldness, Blackheads, Bunions, Bruises, Circulatory Disorders, Dandruff, Eczema, Goitre, Gout, Lameness, Nervous Affections, Obesity, Pain, Pimples, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin Diseases, Sprains, Toothache, Weak Eyes, Wrinkles and much more.

By the 1940s the United States Government began to physically remove many Violet Ray’s from the market due to prosecutions of manufacturers for false and misleading claims. Cessation of use by medical and dental professionals resulted. However, the beauty industry still used a high-frequency device as an effective skincare treatment.


Now it continues to be used by many estheticians to treat skin conditions such as acne, tightening pores, smoothing fine lines, calming puffy eyes, reducing dark circles under eyes, cellulite, and can help some thinning hair conditions. It is the superhero of the esthetics repertoire.

The central core produces a high-frequency alternating current with a high voltage/low amperage flow connected to an insulated handle. The esthetician selects the appropriate glass electrode and inserts it into the handle. The glass electrode can be filled with argon or neon gas during manufacture. These gasses are used because of the color of light they emit when the electric lights it up.

Visible light has been known to have beneficial effects on the skin. The argon gas emits violet-colored light. Violet otherwise known as Ultraviolet light has been known to increase the elimination of waste products, improve blood flow and lymph drainage, germicidal and antibacterial, produces vitamin D in the skin, and can be used to treat acne. Don’t worry, the amount emitted by the argon gas in the glass electrode is not powerful enough to damage the skin.

The neon gas emits an orange-colored light which is within the spectrum of infrared light but not as powerful as red light. Orange light still retains some of the benefits such as warming and relaxing the skin, increasing circulation, increasing metabolism, generating healthy sebum for moisture, and has a calming effect.

When placed directly onto the skin the thermal action begins to warm the skin increasing circulation and bringing nutrients to the skin assisting in waste elimination. With a gauze between the glass electrode and the skin, a gap is created in which a small spark ionizes the air and generates active oxygen called ozone beneficial in many facial treatments.

As the oscillating current is pushed through the electrode a buzzing sound is heard as the gas in the electrode lights up. A slight smell of oxygen is produced which is beneficial as a purifying agent among other benefits such as oxygenating asphyxiated skin, assisting in mitigation of acne-causing bacteria, producing moisture and hydration as well as stimulating your natural glow.

In combination, the argon, neon, ozone, and oxygen properties in the high-frequency treatment create a powerhouse of age-defying and skin-restoring benefits.

Some information for this blog post was selected from the following link: https://www.cosmeticsandskin.com/ded/high-frequency.php