• Acne Relief

    Customized to treat many types of acne for teens and adults. Includes deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation to help unblock pores, extractions as needed, high frequency and LED light therapy to kill harmful bacteria and aid in the healing process. A selected serum and moisturizer will be applied to help refine the skin. If this is your first acne facial with me you will take home the skincare you need to get started on your treatment plan.



    This exclusive facial offers several advanced facial treatment options to include in your special time at the Grove. May include Dermaplane, Galvanic, Hydro-facial, or Microcurrent/LED. Substitutions/omissions determined as needed. The total value of all of the services combine to $725.

    2 hours


    Fresh clean skin with only the best for your time. Includes deep cleanse, enzyme peel for exfoliation and brightening dull, tired or stressed skin, restorative mask, high frequency and a select moisturizer. Take a little break and return to life refreshed and energized. Your skin will show it!



    Osoa is a word used in Basque culture meaning whole, complete, or full. In this comprehensive facial every detail is considered. Borrowed form the rich culture and beauty of the atelier in France, this special facial includes luxury products and techniques designed to perfect your skin. May include brow shape and/or facial hair removal.

    90 minutes


    Designed to meet your skin care goals and improve the health and vitality of your skin. Includes facial and hand massage, deep cleanse, steam, extractions, microdermabrasion, enzyme peel, high frequency, lip/eye care, serums, moisturizer/sun protection.

    60 minutes

  • Total Aesthetics

    Transformative facial for whiter teeth, beautiful brows, and radiant skin. Every step is designed to improve the appearance of your skin and enhance your attractive features. Includes several select advanced and traditional facial treatments. You and your Esthetician will decide which ones are right for you. The total value of all of the services combine to $1109.

    3-4 hours