Laser Teeth Whitening

You know that feeling you get when you can’t help smiling? Give yourself permission to enjoy being happy and smile your heart out. A bright white smile can help you look years younger and improve your overall appearance and attractiveness. Give yourself the confidence edge you’ve been looking for. Laser teeth whitening is a method […]

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High Frequency

high frequency

High frequency uses alternating current at fast vibrations to produce a firming or toning effect on the skin. It is used in combination with active oxygen, and visible light rays for multiple skin benefits. An electric buzzing sound will be heard during the procedure and the fresh smell of oxygen. No pain. No down-time. Non-invasive. […]

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High Frequency: History and Usage

high frequency facial

History After the development of a high-frequency current coil generator patented and improved by Nikola Tesla, scientists sought for medical uses of high-frequency currents. The vacuum electrode developed by Frederick Finch Strong, and used in combination with Tesla’s High-frequency current also known as the Violet Ray, was promoted for use in medical establishments as “the […]

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