Active oxygen is used in facial treatments because of the dynamic purifying and beneficial properties it has on the skin. It is used in facial steamers. Rather than just a steam treatment to improve circulation, assist in the extraction of clogged pores and blackheads, and decongest the sinuses, the active oxygen used in steam treatments provides that and so much more. It is also used in combination with High-frequency treatment in most of Tia’s facial sessions to improve lymph drainage, detoxify, germicide, and oxygenate the skin.

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A special type of oxygen molecule that has 3 oxygen atoms (O3) goes to work to provide your skin with many benefits. This O3 oxygen molecule is a non-standard allotrope of oxygen on the periodic table. It is known as active oxygen or ozone.

The term ozone comes from the greek language meaning “to smell”. During the ozone steam treatment you can smell a fresh scent, like after a thunderstorm, or fresh mountain air. Along with a pleasant fresh smell, and soft skin for ease of extracting clogged pores, the ozone steamer has a stimulating enzyme action by detoxifying at the cellular level and increasing the effectiveness of the antioxidant enzyme system. It helps kill bad bacteria on the skin and oxidizes toxins to speed their excretion as well as stimulates cellular oxygen metabolism which creates an environment where damaging elements cannot survive on the skin.

A low level UV light stimulates a stable oxygen molecule (O2) to split into two single oxygen atoms. These single oxygen atoms bond together to make a stable oxygen molecule that again bonds with another single oxygen atom. These three oxygen atoms now form an ozone molecule. (O3)

The ozone molecule contains an unpaired number of electrons. The nature of electrons is to be paired evenly. This active oxygen electron seeks to bond with the nearest and easiest extra electron it can find.

Free-radicals contain an extra electron too and are easy for the ozone molecule to bond with. Free-radical damage is quick and extensive as long chains of these molecules begin to destroy the structure of healthy skin cells and continue to do so until stopped or inhibited in their bonding. The active oxygen molecules or ozone, pair with the destructive free-radical molecules and put a stop to their bonding with other free-radicals preventing the chain reaction. The ozone continues to bond with free radicals and a cessation of damage results.

Now that the free-radicals are paired they are no longer active. The ozone molecules have now created an environment for the skin to oxygenate, heal, rejuvenate, and restore itself. It has effectively killed the bad without harming the good. Ozone kills harmful bacteria, viruses, pathogens, waste materials, and toxins by attaching to them, neutralizing, oxidizing, and annihilating them.

Ozone in the atmosphere has been considered harmful and a contributor to pollution, but we discover it is actually helping cleanse the atmosphere and protect the planet from the sun’s harmful radiation way up in the stratosphere.

In many cases, people confuse smog with ozone. Smog is air pollution, such as hydrocarbons from fossil fuels, in our atmosphere. In a cloud of smog, we will also find an abundance of ozone present to purify the earth’s air by natural design. Negatively charged ozone is naturally attracted to positively charged toxins. We find ozone molecules intermingled in smog due to the fact that they are there to dehydrogenate hydrocarbons. Effectively turning damaging hydrocarbons into carbons necessary for plant and animal life on earth.

Ozone in the stratosphere above our atmosphere helps filter out damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is our earth’s natural protection and purification system.

Air purifiers using ozone are effective at decontamination and getting rid of pollutants and allergens found in the air.

Some countries in Europe use ozone as a powerful water purifier because of its ability to completely rid the water of toxins and replace the use of chemical purification systems that taint the water with lye, chlorine, or other harmful chemicals.

Ozone is a great purifier and, as with any treatment, it should be used with common sense and expertise.